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Part of an integrated risk assessment and management system includes investigations into employee behavior and claims. Specifically, Secure My Campus can assist corporations and business with thr following employee investigations:



Substance Abuse Investigations

On the job accidents, lower productivity and absenteeism resulting from substance abuse affects the health and safety of the workplace as well as increases healthcare costs for businesses.  We provide drug testing, urine testing and other related services to detect and deter substance abuse.


Computerized Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA) and Lie Detectors

Part of creating an employee management system is determining the validity of claims and situations.  We work with clients to administer CVSA exams and polygraph tests to aid investigators in pre-employment and internal criminal inquiries. Results of these tests provide evidence or proof of the threats to the health and safety of your organization as well as offer legal approaches to managing certain situations.


Loss Prevention

The US Chamber of Commerce estimates theft by employees costs companies $10 - $40 billion per year.  Organizations are exposed to threats of robbery, theft, violence, negligence, misconduct and more both internally and externally. The majority of these incidents are preventable.


We provide investigation services that can covertly document individual or group activities. Surveillance investigations are conducted to safeguard persons, places or things obtain evidence of a crime or establish criminal activities.


Using video surveillance and a number of other surveillance strategies, we analyze retail merchandise, clock management and pilfering and work with an organization’s workforce to monitor loss prevention on loading docks and at point of sale.


Following our investigation, we provide a comprehensive report and recommendations for rectifying the potentially criminal activity.



Workers Compensation Claims

Workers compensation fraud poses a serious threat to business and corporation’s bottom line and integrity.  We assist clients in determining the validity of each workers compensation claim and recommend a course of action if fraud is detected.


Work Performance and Employee Behavior

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. When an employee harasses other team members with illicit behavior or vocabulary, overall productivity suffers.

We offer services that determine and document employee productivity levels and conduct issues such as with sexual harassment, absenteeism, violence and disgruntled behavior. Based on analysis, we can recommend mitigation or removal strategies to regain a healthy control on employee relations.

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