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Secure My Campus LLC (SMC) is dedicated to identifying risks, implementing strategies and educating schools, corporations, religious and healthcare campuses on how to protect their people and their assets. Through our evaluations, products, services and ongoing training strategies, we are redefining the term secure.



Secure My Campus LLC (SMC) is a campus safety and security provider headquarted in Cleveland, Ohio that works with schools, corporate, religious and healthcare campuses to identify potential security threats, strategize prevention and mitigation tactics and instruct on preparedness training.  SMC leadership draws on decades of knowledge through their work in the campus safety and security industry and unites that with the most advanced technology and world-class safety products to create the safest environments possible.

About our Campus Safety and Security Approach

In partnership with Mace Security International, Armada Risk Partners, BowTie Medical, Medidor, Crisis Prevention Institute and Pat Malone Personal Safety & Security and many others, our multidisciplinary campus safety and security approach includes:

We work nationally through a network of dealerships to assist clients on protecting their people and their resources under our Secure My Campus Dealer Network Program.

Contact our national campus safety and security providers today

The experienced team at Secure My Campus pride themselves on offering clients an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience. We have a thorough understanding of the problems our clients face and have spent years developing services that caters to their needs. Call us at (440) 248-8100 or contact us online to discuss your safety and security needs.

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