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While active shooters, violent intruders, youth violence, bomb threats and terrorism are a danger to school systems nationwide, there remains other consistent risks that a school or college campus must manage with a comprehensive preparation system.

Environmental hazards and natural disasters such as floods, tornados, earthquakes and fire require an emergency preparedness management system – for the children in the school as well as for the emergency responders, parents and surrounding community.


External risks can also originate from transportation issues like bus and auto accidents and nearby chemical spills.


Behavioral risks are a serious threat to school campuses as well. Bullying, suicide, drugs and other society threats are something every school campus must anticipate, plan for and have a clear communications plan to deal with students, parents and the community.



Types of school and college campus safety and security threats


  • Active Shooter/Violent Intruder

  • Bomb Threat

  • Bullying/Cyber Bullying

  • Bus/Auto Accident

  • Drugs

  • Facility Accident

  • Fire

  • Health Emergency

  • Natural Disaster

  • Societal Threat (Predators)

  • Suicide

  • Terrorism


Secure My Campus employs our unique and customizable Safety as a Service (SaaS) SM approach to work with school campuses officials, boards, superintendents, principals, teachers and students so they are prepared to prevent, respond and recover from crisis on campus or during transport.


SMC understands that every school community is different. Our models are not a one size fits all approach. Rather, we evaluate and integrate key considerations for each campus and community and then create a model and executable best practices recommendation that offers products and services to meet the needs and budget of each client.

Is your campus fully prepared?







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