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adc-logo-vertical.png creates innovative technology that deepens the connection between people and the things they care about most — their families, homes and businesses. Millions of people trust every day for better security, intelligent automation and dependable service. services are exclusively sold, set up and supported by a nationwide network of authorized service providers. is the platform of choice for the leading security and smart home and business service providers. They support their service providers with a comprehensive suite of tools for easy installation, rapid troubleshooting, exceptional customer support and seamless upgrades.


LUX Technologies

LUX Technologies offers an array of cameras and video recorders. Their products are perfect for personal, home or business.


Armada Risk Partners

Armada Risk Partners understands the risks confronting academic institutions. We partner with clients to bring distinctive value to their organizations by offering uncommon insight and lasting solutions to the management of their risks.


Our education experts utilize Armada’s global resources to provide local solutions to our clients’ risk management needs.  We empower education institutions to develop solutions designed to better anticipate risk, reduce coverage costs, demonstrate compliance and strengthen their balance sheets.


Traditional risk areas such as employee liability, rising operational costs, and safety and security concerns are growing in complexity while new areas such as cyber liability, duty of care requirements and bed bugs add to the burden and cost of risk management.

Armada is an integral partner to Secure My Campus for the comprehensive range of products and associated services they offer to insure your campus and protect your most valuable resources.

BowTie Medical

BowTie Medical is a member-driven health system that restores customer control to all aspects of health care, including access, convenience, quality, and pricing. BTM does this by offering a variety of services including advice on wellness, nutrition, and other lifestyle issues, 24/7 access to a provider via telemedicine options, primary care services at conveniently located neighborhood clinics, and insurance coverage through employers for what customers need, whether it is catastrophic or full coverage.


BowTie Medical is an integral partner with Secure My Campus for the belief that access to affordable well care translates to healthier and safer communities.



Founded by David Ratchford, an experienced corporate security consultant and businessman, Medidor offers one of the most technologically advanced home security safes on the market. The solid industrial construction of each humidity-controlled safe offers customers a reliable and user-friendly home security device for securing prescription drugs, medical-grade cannabis, firearms and other products that benefit from a temperature controlled environment.


Medidor is an integral partner to Secure My Campus for the belief that secured legal and prescription drugs at home make for healthier schools and students.

Crisis Prevention Institute

For more than 35 years, the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) has been helping schools, hospitals and other service organizations throughout the world create safer, more respectful work environments. This international training organization is committed to developing best practices and safe behavior management methods that focus on prevention.

SMC relies on the extensive knowledge and specialized offerings of the organization that focus on educating and empowering professionals to create safe and respectful work environments. Training programs include preparedness training, dementia care and nonviolent crisis intervention.

Pat Malone

Pat Malone Personal Safety provides dynamic, life-changing seminar and hands-on techniques that educate and empower individuals to take control of their personal safety. Malone’s unmatched background combined with his deep understanding of the psychology and motivations of both predators and victims enables him to move his audience to be aware of risk situations, understand how to handle the perceived threat and what action to take in various circumstances.


Pat Malone’s clients include the U.S. Navy Seals, Green Beret Marines, FBI, KeyBank, Exxon Mobil, Progressive Insurance, University Hospital, The Cleveland Clinic, Sony, Ford Motor, STERIS, University of Notre Dame, Sylvester Stallone, Cameron Diaz and many more.


Pat Malone Personal Safety is an integral partner to Secure My Campus for his unmatched expertise in effectively motivating his audiences to think often and strategically about how to handle threatening situations.


SecureCheck Now, LLC is an industry leader in Asset Protection and Risk Mitigation solutions that specializes in Remote Video Monitoring, Video Surveillance and Intrusion Alarms. If it is important to you, it is important to us, be it your business, your office or your home. Serving leading Houston area car dealerships, credit unions, construction sites and oilfields, SecureCheck has the needed experience to execute on your vision. We are ready to listen to your security related challenge and tailor a solution to your specific needs.

Your assets, be it your place of business, your office or your home – everything that is important to you – is important to us.

Accuracy is not an option but must be the essential principal on which all our services are based.

Whether it be developing and implementing a video surveillance system for your water plant or your office – or doing a background on your teams coach or your baby sitter – as Law Enforcement and Security Professionals we understand what it is that you need. You don’t want a blind internet site determining what is and is not important – that’s why we at SecureCheck do the searches ourselves using national databases from a number of verified sources.

In today’s society liability is unfortunately also a consideration. It is just too great a risk for you to take a chance at a cheap internet search. Be secure, be safe – select with confidence when you choose SecureCheck!


SMC Safety Foundation

SMC Safety Foundation assists clients and partners with funding solutions.  Through fundraising efforts, grant writing and donations, SMC Safety Foundation helps solve what is often the largest obstacle to better safety and security: funding.  


SMC Safety Foundation’s mission is to protect our nation’s most valuable resource – our people. We do this by connecting entire communities and collaborating on issues to achieve the common goal of creating safe environments.


SMC Safety Foundation is an integral support to Secure My Campus in helping to identify and capitalize on funding streams.

Coach Hall Foundation

Founded by Coach Frank Hall – the coach that chased the Chardon High School gunman from the cafeteria seconds after mortally wounding three students – the Coach Hall Foundation provides effective means to prevent against school violence and improve its quality of life in our school communities.


The Foundation does this by engaging local, state and national legislators to advocate increased protection of school-aged children. We support communities by providing ideas, tools and resources to help provide a safe environment for children to learn and grow. The Coach Hall Foundation seeks to empower individuals, school and community groups and political entities to make schools inspirational destinations for children.


The Coach Hall Foundation is an integral support organization to Secure My Campus for its experience with a school tragedy and its focus on legislative measure to be sure our elected official continuously keep school safety as a priority.



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