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Introducing The Connector

Smart Panic Button & Tracking Device

The Connector is a solution for all people and all activities. People of all ages can find themselves in emergency or threatening situations at any time. The Connector provides instant phone contact to your programmed friends, family, co-workers and/or emergency response personnel. Two-way voice allows an open line of communication to triage the situation and determine best course of action. The Connector is ready to work out of the box and integrates with the Alert My Campus mass notification application.

  • Pre-Teen Children - walk/bike to school, practices, play dates, parties

  • Students / Teachers / Volunteers

  • Transportation Drivers - school bus drivers, delivery vehicles

  • Active Lifestyle - walkers, runners, bikers, boaters

  • Hotel / Hospitality workers / Hotel Guests

  • Lone Workers - Real Estate Agents, Sales/Service People

  • Ride Share Drivers, Riders

  • Device Management via web app

Kit includes charging dock, wrist strap, belt clip and power adapters

High Quality Sound & Audible Panic Alarm

Clear, loud audio makes it easy for the user and the operator to listen and hear

3G or WiFi Coverage

Operates on a nationwide 3G wireless network or campus WiFi


Wear it in the rain,
or in the bath or shower

Contact Secure My Campus for more information at

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